Lotus Heart Qigong Dance

Open the Heart... Focus the Mind... Heal the Body

A Modern practice for Modern Times

Many are hearing the call to “open the heart” and this happens initially and most readily on an energetic level, without the mind analyzing or judging.  Lotus Heart classes focus on healing and opening the heart to better enable opening of the third eye or inner awareness, which in turn allows for healing of the body.

The slow and directed movement phrases also promote energy flow and cultivation of “Qi” and feel ‘dance-like’ as one movement flows gracefully into another.  Exercises are practiced to beautiful, relaxing music and are also a form of 'moving meditation', extremely effective at reducing stress.    

Qigong principals and traditional methods are combined with Tai Chi and slow modern dance movements to improve muscle tone, core-strength, flexibility and balance, as well as for healing, anti-aging, and to promote health.

This class also integrates modern ‘Energy Medicine Exercises’ pioneered by leading authority on the subject Donna Eden, best-selling author of "Energy Medicine for Women" and “Energy Medicine”, to help combat the effects of modern day stressors and prevent energy loss, blockage or deficiency.  

Both Qigong Dance and Eden’s Energy Exercises work with the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine to open and balance energy meridians, channels and the body's systems.  

For more info on Energy Medicine read below or see: http://www.innersource.net/em/

Qigong Dance Students

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Maryna Allan

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Working as a dance educator for 25 years, Maryna has sought to teach others how to move energy through their bodies with a sense of purpose, focus and clarity.  She believes that “what you do in one area of your life, you do in all others”.  Through movement we can become liberated on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  The mind is also actively integrated through the process of learning and focusing ‘thought’ as you direct in spiritual energy or “Qi” from the Universe, and this “oneness” of ourselves comes into alignment as we focus on aligning the body.